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In partnership with the Carolwood Partners, achieves results that don’t just meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations, through our commitment to provide exceptional service. With decades of experience, our team of highly skilled, uniquely talented agents operate with extraordinary integrity, extensive professional knowledge, far‐reaching connections and excellence in marketing.

We are known for maintaining an exceptionally open and prompt line of communication without clients throughout the transaction process and beyond. We are always available to our clients.

We use modern technology along with market knowledge, negotiations and sales skills, to professionally assist you in identifying your desired investment property. Protecting our client’s interest is our number one priority, ultimately securing the best price and terms for them.

We take pricing your property very seriously and offer comprehensive knowledge gained by our extensive market research. With a careful, in-depth analysis of all of the unique features of your property and the existing market conditions we will expertly advise you on a pricing strategy that creates a clear path towards our goal of a successful sale.

Our high-profile photographer captures the best your property has to offer making it look fantastic digitally and in print. Our stunning images draw more people to your listing and will make a good first impression with every potential buyer.

Our vast network of top-tier local and international investors, in conjunction with our proactive marketing campaign to the brokerage community, will result in full market exposure across all buyer pools. 

We personally walk through each of our listings with our sellers to discuss the properties highlights and features, taking a personalized approach to marketing your property in the best possible light. Creative, informative and uniquely designed, our online and print advertising captures the true essence of your property and the attention of prospective buyers. 

We utilize a successful email program to showcase our listings and inventory to thousands of client contacts. We have an existing database of over 25,000 investors to whom we can send targeted emails based on their property type and need, allowing us to produce a high volume of prospects in a matter of seconds.

Technology has changed the way we work, communicate, and advertise. We embrace the ever changing technology landscape and are always seeking the best applications to serve our clients personally and efficiently. 

Moreover, we utilize our own proprietary artificial intelligence technology called Estate Dynamics, which allows us to proactively target potential clients based on their behavior and geography.

Our team has worked with numerous brokerage firms, mastering best practices and building relationships amongst the majority of active commercial agents in the greater Los Angeles Area. Our proven marketing strategies often result in attracting multiple offers and selling the property for far above the list price. Our proactive approach to identifying the desired properties for our buyers, and the way we handle the offer and negotiation process, has brought us continued success for our clients. We are proud of our outcomes and the level of client’s satisfaction, never stopping our commitment to continually improve and evolve.

For well over a decade, our team of professional agents, attorneys and mortgage brokers have worked together to maintain constant flawless communication, which ensures the highest level of reliability. As a valuable addition to our team, we frequently resource the services of many fine local professionals such as home inspectors, various contractors, vendors and service providers.

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